How To Properly Wear Your Raw Crystals To Make The Most Of Their Healing Powers


Novices in raw crystals and how to harness their natural healing powers are often surprised why they find out there are different ways to wear the stones. The secret of those who rely on the natural healing powers of gemstones and crystals is wearing them in the right place. Here are some tips on wearing healing crystal jewelry from Encinitas crystal shop to get the best results from every piece:

Know The Benefits And Powers Of Each Stone

Although healing crystals bring some type of benefit to those who wear them, it is best to wear those that your mind, body, aura, and soul need the most. Choose crystals that you will benefit from the most so you can prioritize which ones to wear more often. These are some of the most popular crystals and the powerful healing capabilities they offer:

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used as jewelry because of its stress relieving qualities and its calming power. The stone is perfect for people who work high-stress jobs while also increasing their decision-making skills while remaining calm and alert at the same time.

Rose Quartz has the reputation for being a nurturing crystal. People who want to live a more compassionate and peaceful life are often drawn towards the energy of rose quartz. This crystal also helps in promoting excellent cardiovascular health and offers support for the female reproductive system as well as childbirth.

Where You Wear Them Affects Results

Although these crystals come with a number of benefits and their energies can offer a lot of support and strength for those who wear them, their location affects the results as well. The Amethyst from Encinitas Crystal Shop is best worn on the middle finger for better patience and tranquility.

For those who want to bring in more love into their life should wear Rose Quartz near their heart using a long dangling chain to get the most of its natural powers. Meanwhile, wear black tourmaline near the wrist because increases your personal strength due to its close proximity to the root chakra.

The Side Of The Body Also Matters

Aside from the location of the crystal, the side on where you wear the crystal will also affect the strength of its powers. Wearing the crystal jewelry on your right side tends to send its powers outside which means you are sharing its healing abilities with those around you. This is the best location when you want to extend protection around your environment and the people around you, not just yourself.

Crystals that are worn on the left side of the body concentrates all of its healing powers on your mind, body, and spirit. Meaning if you are feeling under the weather or a little blue, you should wear your jewelry on the left side to feel better and to love yourself more.

Be mindful of where you wear your crystals so that you get all of the benefits of its healing power. Not only will you feel amazing wearing the stones, but you will look incredible too!

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