Top Dream Jobs – Senior High School Students’ Career Picks, From Eco-friendly Business to Fashion Design


The careers that teenagers dream of will easily notice us a great deal regarding their values, especially as they are formed by media and popular culture. What exactly perform the teens nowadays wish to accomplish once they develop? Lately, Teen Ink magazine polled students regarding their dream jobs, which were a few of their top choices. Interestingly, the roles vary from charitable to glamorous, reflecting aspirations driven by social conscience and media fascination. And as possible see, many are more realistically attainable than the others.

Journalist. The thought of globe-trotting wherever news happens, investigating tales, and writing for magazines and newspapers does seem exciting. To go in the field of journalism, a university degree in journalism, communications, or British is essential, especially if you wish to exceed the little town paper into national and worldwide publications. It’s also wise to be a great author with higher ethics along with a respect for details and fairness.

Designer. For the one who not just loves clothes but can also be thinking about the apparel manufacturing industry, fashion design is definitely an ideal field to pursue. Even if your are uninterested in beginning a label, there are many career tracks within fashion design, including buying, merchandising, and marketing. Individuals intent on entering the company are encouraged to earn a diploma from your accredited fashion college, in addition to come with an industry internship or relevant experience under their belts.

Professional photographer. Like a shutterbug, you may be photographing celebrities to see your projects around the cover of magazines. But that is a large “might.” 99% of photography tasks are a lot more mundane. Anybody having a camera can call themself a professional photographer, which means you must learn how to differentiate yourself, focusing on a targeted field like consumer products, advertising, or fashion design, after which work non-stop to advertise you to ultimately prospects.

Interior designer. Designing the spaces by which people live and work could be both artistically and professionally rewarding. But interior planning is all about not only selecting colors, fabrics and furniture. An artist also needs to be experienced in construction codes, engineering, and safety. This is exactly why many states require designers to become certified, only granting licenses after candidates have earned an inside Design degree from your accredited college.

Environmentalist. Today’s students are dedicated to the security in our natural sources, a lot of wish to operate in the eco-friendly industry. Ecological work can encompass law, engineering, education, architecture, or business, so it is best to pursue a diploma in individuals fields, especially in a college that provides an ecological focus to the majors. Internships with a number of eco-friendly companies can also be suggested, so that you can experience firsthand the advancements and policies in environmentalism, and gain valuable contacts for future job searches.

Actor. Visions of acting fame dance around not just in teenagers’ heads, however, many adults. This really is one profession that doesn’t guarantee success, however, or perhaps survival. The typical annual earnings of actors within the Screen Actors Guild is $5,000 annually, so most actors will need to take on other jobs too to pay the bills.

Lawyer. Trial deliberations in media look exciting, but many legal work involves extensive research, writing, and documents. A current survey through the Aba says only 4 in 10 lawyers would recommend a legitimate career to other people. Should you choose wish to pursue law, know that it is hard academic road before you decide to find yourself getting to yourself a lawyer. You’ll need a the least 4 years of school and 3 years of school before you even go ahead and take bar exam that decides if you are permitted to rehearse.

Celebrity Stylist. The task of celebrity stylist has acquired exposure and recognition during the last couple of years because of women’s magazines, tv shows and red carpet occasions. While competition to become celebrity stylist is understandably fierce, many students don’t realize there are a lot more possibilities like a fashion stylist for movie, television, and advertising shoots. Fashion training is invaluable, preferably from your accredited fashion school, plus an internship that provides the opportunity to shadow a stylist.

Teacher. Decade after decade, students desire to be teachers, because the need to help children and educate generation x is really a strong motivating pressure. Teaching usually needs a four-year degree along with a teaching credential, though using the teaching shortage across many areas, many states allow candidates to earn their credentials at work.

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